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About Pro Line Machining

"Our mission is to provide our employees with an honest and helpful working environment, where every employee individually and collectively, can dedicate themselves to providing our customers with exceptional workmanship, extraordinary service, and professional integrity. Our commitment to this mission will allow Pro Line Machining to become not only a premier machining company, but the premier machining company in the Powder Basin."




At Proline Machining, zero harm is our primary objective. To help us achieve a zero harm mentality, we have several key factors that drive our safety programs:


All incidents can be prevented and all operating exposures can be controlled

Employee involvement is essential and working safely is a condition of employment

Management is responsible and accountable for creating a safe working environment

World-class EHS standards are expected and obtainable


Therefore, we have instituted numerous safety programs to help ensure that our employees do not sustain injuries on the job. The following list is not exhaustive, but shows the breadth of our safety programs:


Isolation procedures: we have mandatory lockout-tagout procedures for all electrical-related work

Suspended loads: we have instituted training and safety procedures to safeguard our employees from the dangers associated with lifting and rigging operations

Confined spaces: we have confined space entry protocols in place to protect employees that enter and work in confined spaces, as part of their job duties


Fall protection and prevention: we strictly follow all regulatory standards regarding fall protection requirements, including fall arrest/protection systems, walking and working surfaces, and utilization of ladders and stands

Machine guards: we rigorously comply to national and industry regulations related to mechanical and machinery guarding standards.


In addition, we have personal protective equipment requirements and robust safety policies and procedures to address high risk operations such as welding and hot works, mobile and heavy equipment operation, hazardous material utilization, hand and machine tool usage; our objective is zero harm so that every employee returns home safely every single day.



Employee Health

At Proline Machining, employee health is a key priority. Therefore, we have instituted numerous health programs to help ensure that our employees do not sustain health-related injuries on the job.


Fatigue management: we carefully monitor work hours, including overtime hours and consecutive days worked, to make sure that our employees are sufficiently rested to do their jobs properly and not become injured due to fatigue


Hazardous communication: we ensure that any hazardous substances used in the workplace are evaluated and the relevant hazard information is communicated clearly to employees


Hearing conservation: we regularly monitor operating noise levels and provide audiometric testing, training, and hearing protection to employees that work in environments with consistently high noise levels


Hexavalent Chromium management: we continuously monitor air quality where hexavalent chromium might be present and take preventive actions when appropriate.


Respiratory protection: we conduct periodic industrial hygiene monitoring throughout our work environment; should respiratory protection be required, we will provide medical evaluation and training on use, care, cleaning, maintenance,and storage of respirators to any employee who wears a respirator as part of their job responsibilities.




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