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Quality Services

Quality Repair -  Machining, Welding, Field  Services & Mechanics in Gillette, Wyoming


Quality comes from knowing what you're doing and caring that it's done right.  At Pro Line Machining the simple fact is we build better, we build quality, no exceptions.


With Pro Line Machining, you get the best of the best.  Whether we're doing a complete undercarriage replacement on a mining shovel, to over hauling mud pumps on ig locations, or performing routine inspections and maintenance on a dragline, you can count on our field employees whom have experience in what you need to have done, all the proper certifications, protocols for insuring correct completion, and the proper equipment for the job.



Our machine assembly processes utilize our expertise in planning and project management, along with strict adherence to quality processes and standards, while assembling new machines safely, on time and on budget, topped off by our flawless start-up operations.

Our rebuild process applies unparalleled experience, service capabilities, facilities, and personnel to deliver like-new performance at a cost significantly less than purchasing a new element.


We ensure that required production enhancing technology upgrades are correctly installed and rigorously tested.

Integrate a full range of technical expertise and support services.


Provide accurate assessments of machine health by drawing on a database of nationwide practical experience


Handle the entire rebuild process, including auditing, diagnostics, cost estimating, parts procurement, planning, disassembly, repair and replacement, testing, training, and start up.

Machining / Machine Shop

Welding / Welding Shop


We have experienced welders experienced in aluminum tig to standard II70 dual shield.


Our welding setups are fully equipped for portable welding to any location in the field or anywhere welding needs arise. We operate generator powered 6 DC welders to diesel powered trailer mounted welders.

Welding Gillette Wyoming
Welding shop

Field Services


*Anywhere / Anytime*


The mining industry is changing rapidly due to the need to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase safety. With these challenges in mind, Proline Machining is helping bring mining performance to the next level.


Gear Cases

Precision Components

Field Services
Repairs Gillette Wyoming


Total control for exceptional quality Doing advanced large scale manufacturing in house enables us to control every aspect of the process:




Gear grinding

Hard chrome plating

Heat treating



Testing Our high precision manufacturing capabilities, combined with rigorous quality assurance, ensure we produce the highest-quality, longest-lasting heavy industrial components that exist.

Gear Cases

Gear Cases

Pro Line Machining has an in-house team of qualified employees dedicated to manufacturing, rebuilding, and repairing scale gears and pinions as well as the smallest planetary gears for gear boxes.

Gear CAse Repair
Gear Case Repair
Precision Components

Precision components

For producing small components and assemblies, where absolute precision is crucial, we have some of today’s most complex machining equipment for turning, boring and milling.

Precision Components

Keeping in mind safety, first and always, our master tradespeople provide complete field machining, rigging, welding and mechanical services for heavy equipment fleets:


Rush breakdown repairs

Failure analysis & troubleshooting

Full machine audits & inspections

Scheduled outages

Machine upgrades, retrofits, rebuilds and overhauls

Structural evaluation, rebuilds and configuration changes

Transmission / gearbox rebuilds

Teardowns & relocations

Blast hole drills - Drill mass straightening & complete overhauls

Equipment customization

Dragline boom welding and repairs

Massive booms and machine structures


Proline Machining also has advanced capabilities for manufacturing, rebuilding and upgrading machine structures of all sizes. Our fabrication expertise range from booms and shovel undercarriage designs to custom component modifications and whole machine upgrades.



At Pro Line Machining we know the mining industry relies heavily on a well trained crew of mechanics to keep their equipment running. You can count on us to meet your mechanic needs.  From electronic shovels, draglines, to blast hole drills.

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